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Quick Communication

Communicate instantly with social media influencers, who can engage with your target audience among hundreds of other influencers via ViralKing dashboard.

Ease of Use

Plain design will able you to use the site easily, with no trainings required. You can be signed up in seconds without any special installation.

Save Time

Find the influencer you are looking for with one click. Contact with the most suitable influencer to your sector by filtering.


Ten times more affordable than traditional advertising like billboards, magazines and radio.

Targeted Advertisement

You can work with the influencers, who can engage with target audience of your brand, among the other influencers serve to many different sectors. Gain more clients, with more focused and targeted promotion

Detailed Data Analytics

You can follow the posts of the selected influencer through ViralKing dashboard on a regular basis. You can also monetarize the numbers of views, likes etc. of the special contents created especially for each platform

Quick Follow-Up

You can be quickly informed about trending topics with ViralKing news. Make your brand stay in up-to-date.

Innovative Technology

Reach your goals efficiently, by conducting a more precise customer analysis with the ViralKing algorithm, which is supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning software.


You can report the statistics of views, likes and many other data of the special contents for each platform.








Among hundreds of brands, you can reach the firms best fitting to your page and send them price offers. Via the Control Panel customized for you, you can manage multiple projects simultaneously through the same platform in short time.


Payment Guarentee

Get your payment as soon as you complete the task with the brands instead of waiting for months


Upgrade your social account

With our algorithm based on A.I. reach even more people on social media and increase your follower count

Amazing ViralKing, great tool to discover most powerful people on social media

Josh May. CEO & Founder of

The platform allows us to track actual real-time results, and since the content lives beyond the campaign we continue to see engagement and value grow over time.

Aykut Aslantaş. SEO Director - iProspect.

ViralKing is the future of influencer marketing. Their machine learning based service makes huge difference for our adds on social media

Scott Li. Co-founder & CEO at FoxType.

Great service, great team! It's the most effective way for brand to get awareness on social media.

Serkan Ünsal. Founder at

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